Converseon wins 2019 AI Breakthrough Award as ‘Best’ for Natural Language Processing

Converseon, a leading AI-powered NLP technology and consulting firm, has been named winner of the 2019 AI Breakthrough Award for best overall Natural Language Processing (NLP) firm for its Conversus.AI platform and associated solutions. Conversus.AI is the leading auto Machine Learning as a Service Platform (MLaaS) specifically designed for unstructured social and related voice of customer data.

Conversus.AI allows non-data scientists to rapidly build, validate and deploy sophisticated NLP models to separate meaning signals from the noise of these important data sets. Potential uses include brand tracking, market research, customer experience, customer satisfaction, and advanced analytics. The platform includes programmatic integrations with a range of ecosystem partners such as social listening, management, and business intelligence platforms to allow the use of these models in clients’ preferred environments.

Conversus is the result of over eleven years of machine learning experience and development. Multiple third-party studies have shown models produced by Conversus.AI generally outperform humans for accuracy and consistency.

Rob Key, CEO of Converseon, said: “We have this massive, valuable unstructured data set, growing at an exponential rate, but studies show that most organizations are only processing a small portion of it due to its complexity. Conversus, together with our partner ecosystem, is enabling customer-centric organizations to finally tap into the deep and meaningful insights embedded in the data.

“I think this award points to ever-growing convergence of advanced NLP with social (and related Voice of Customer data). The fact that some platforms are moving to open ecoystems to accommodate third party technology and models is a very positive development and a much needed one, in my view.  Clients are no longer stuck in the ‘one size fits all’ mindset.”

In addition to helping users build their own custom models, Conversus includes an expansive library of prebuilt, ready-to-use models designed to accelerate use of advanced NLP in areas ranging from brand tracking (such as trust/distrust, innovation), to customer experience, customer care and customer satisfaction across more than 15 industries.

Access to custom and prebuilt models is also fully integrated and available through a growing number of leading social listening, management and business intelligence platforms, including Brandwatch. The models help to unify social data analysis with other Voice of the Customer sources such as long-form survey verbatims reviews and call centre transcripts.

The AI Breakthrough Awards recognize innovation, hard work, and success in AI and machine learning-related categories including AI platforms, Deep Learning, Smart Robotics, Business Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, industry-specific applications, and more. This year’s program attracted more than 2,500 nominations from over 15 countries.

Learn more about Converseon and advanced NLP on our Social Intelligence Marketplace.

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