DeepSense rebrands as Humantic to drive ‘new-age’ approach to talent management

AI-driven talent management solution DeepSense has rebranded to become Humantic.

The online platform combines AI with Emotional Intelligence analytics to deliver a ‘new-age’ talent assessment process, according to its developers. The software uses candidate information already in the public domain to ethically generate bias-free personality profiles of candidates, without the need for a test.

Humantic founder and CEO Amarpreet Kalkat said: “Our objective always has been to help companies find the best employees and help people find the most fulfilling jobs. Over the last few months, we have developed significant clarity about its practical meaning. You would see the same clarity now reflected strongly in our product offering.

“Our users have been very vocal – they desperately need affordable, large scale soft skills assessment, but they need it to be reliable, bias free and privacy compliant. We have now published research around Humantic reliability and validity working with the best psychologists in the industry, and I will soon share about our work around bias reduction and privacy protection.”

The Humantic platform aims to eliminate unconscious bias and discrimination from an organisation’s recruitment process by reducing reliance on pedigree and buzzwords that might put minority groups at an unfair advantage.

The software also protects candidate privacy by using only publicly available data that candidates have previously shared voluntarily.  Candidate freedom of expression is also protected, as the software predicts personality based just on how you express yourself and never needs to look at what you express.

Kalkat said: “Our new branding signifies that the candidate will be central to our work from now onwards and we will help our customers to build the same candidate-first approach. As part of this, we are launching a new free-to-use module for candidates to get to know their potential employers better.

“We hope to make talent management a little more humantic and a lot more humane.”

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