Digimind reveals what’s hot in health tech at CES 2020

To coincide with the company’s presence at CES 2020, Digimind, providers of AI-powered social listening and market intelligence software, has released a study looking at trends in digital health tech.

Digimind used social listening to understand topics of interest and their impact on healthcare companies, consumers, and patients. Analyzing the public internet domain for conversations around the topic, the study identified and predicted key technologies and innovations that will be at the forefront of digital health in 2020.

An analysis of the digital health companies that will be present at CES2020 suggests that AI-powered digital health services will be the dominant subject. Furthermore, a look at top hashtags in digital health showed artificial intelligence, IOT, machine learning, blockchain, robotics and fintech were key topics of interest.

Aurelien Blaha, CMO at Digimind, said: “Digital Health is the long-awaited game changer for the healthcare industry. The potential for technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data to make healthcare more accessible, affordable, and safe for everyone is undeniable. Given the complexity to develop healthcare technologies, partnerships between technology, healthcare, and pharmaceutical experts are critical to realize the full advantages. With insights into the latest trends and key players, pharmaceutical companies and governments alike can prioritize areas for investment and identify partners to collaborate with.”

While governments and healthcare companies have long been the main investors, major tech companies including Google, Microsoft, and Tencent have started focusing more efforts into digital health over the past 5 years. As tech giants take steps to expand their ecosystem into healthcare, and new and innovative startups emerge to offer new products and services, this provides traditional healthcare players with a variety of potential partnerships that can help further company growth and satisfy unmet needs.

The new report from Digimind covers the impact and predictions of the following on healthcare: Big Data and Analytics; Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning; Internet of Medical Things (IoMT); Telemedicine; Virtual and Augmented Realities; Blockchain; and social media monitoring to identify technologies to acquire or partner.

You can read the full report here.

Founded in 1998, Digimind is headquartered in New York, Paris, Singapore, and Rabat, serving more than 600 customers worldwide including LinkedIn, Sony, McCann Worldwide, and Lexus.


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