The Digital Intelligence Council

We created the Digital Intelligence Council to drive the social intelligence industry forward, to establish ethical data analysis practices, and improve the value of social data analysis in business and society.

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A Global Association for the Social Intelligence Discipline

The future of the social intelligence industry is under threat and the millions of businesses who rely on social data to understand their customers deserve support and the confidence they will not be unknowingly involved in the next data breach.

To overcome the complex challenges in the industry, we believe that social intelligence should be a recognised discipline with accredited education and support.  To ensure transparency and consistency, we believe that everyone analysing social data and implementing social data insights should be governed by a universal code of conduct and ethics.

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Our Current Challenges

  • No Industry Standard Guidelines, Best Practice or Benchmarking.

  • No Industry Standard Ethical Code.

  • No Accredited Education and Training.

  • Social Networking Sites Restricting Access to APIs and Data Points.

  • With the ability to use data at scale like never before, it's ever more important to have a body to consider the ethical and business frameworks that we, as social marketers, operate within.

    Backed by some of the world’s leading social data companies and the businesses who rely on social data insights


    What we aim to achieve

    We exist to unite all aspects of the social intelligence industry and help it flourish, to support the professionals working in it achieve excellence, and demonstrate the value of social data analysis in business and society.

    Before it is too late, we want to ensure that the people who understand the value of social data and the practicalities of analysing it can develop fair, universal and ethical codes of conduct.

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    Our Goals

  • Accreditation

    Accredited education for the professionals working in all aspects of social data analysis and insights.

  • Access

    More access to data and APIs from social networking sites and other alternative data sources.

  • Common Good

    A common understanding of ethical data analysis practices that fits the industry and uses of social data.

  • Best Practices

    Guidelines, codes, best practices that are specifically created for social data analysis, not addendums to outdates existing codes.

  • Value

    A clear demonstration of the value of social data analysis in business and society.

  • Why participate?


    Do you have significant knowledge of the social intelligence industry?

    Do you Currently practice social intelligence analysis or implement social insights? Are you driven to work in collaboration to make the future of social intelligence industry stronger? Then we’d love to collaborate with you.

    Become and early adopter and raise your personal profile.

    Develop your personal network in the social intelligence industry.

    Play an active role in how the industry should be governed.

    Play an active role in the development of new guidelines and codes of ethics.

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