Case Study

How AXA learnt to engage more effectively with people moving abroad

The Question

The decision to live and work abroad represents a step into the unknown; no two places or situations are the same. This means Expats need support, information and guidance – not just great cover to help them along the way. AXA – Global Healthcare wanted to understand these changes better so that it could be there when it matters, building a marketing strategy to build global brand awareness.

Our Approach

We took the customer decision journey as a framework for exploring how people use the internet and social media to learn about living and working abroad – at each stage of the experience. By exploring search behaviour and interactions on social media we were able to explore how people learn and help each other. Doing this across 5 countries let us find important commonalities and differences in the experience and approach, and opportunities to talk to Expats in a more compelling way.

The Answer

One of the outcomes of this work saw improved quote conversion rates by +12.5% while decreasing the cost per lead by 16%. It’s also been “extremely useful in many aspects of our global marketing activity, and is helping shape our strategic plans. It’s also helped inspire and inform our creative, marketing and PR agencies as they deliver on our strategy” Head of Global Marketing.

Jeremy Hollow
Jeremy Hollow
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