Let’s Talk About Your Social Data

If we were to sit down and talk about your social intelligence initiatives – be that social listening, monitoring, analytics or something a little more complex, what do you think you would say?

I’m willing to bet that it is the challenges, and the immense lack of available guidance on how to overcome them, that would dominate the discussion.

If you’re working with social data and feeling a little out to drift, you’re not alone.

Over the past year I’ve spoken to hundreds of social intelligence professionals from every corner of the globe, in every industry, and across lots of different disciplines.  

The consensus?

That we see value in social data and analysing it but we’re having trouble communicating that effectively. And, because there is no best practice, we’re not always 100% sure we’re analysing data in the most efficient way.


The Shocking Truth

It wasn’t until I started to track down and speak to other people who analyse social data that I realised how many people have the responsibility of social data analysis in their roles.  

Some people were in dedicated social listening or intelligence departments, some were specialist researchers or analysed social data as a secondary responsibility in their work.  

The thing is, you really don’t hear that many people openly talking about their approaches or use of social data.  I’ve also come to find many of the articles published in big titles a bit salesy. They don’t go deep enough to help make the promise of social data a reality…

There’s no official accredited education and training, and there’s still that myth that the tools we use provide the insight.  

Most people I spoke to have a desire to do more with social data but there’s been difficulties in getting buy-in for social intelligence initiatives or getting a bigger seat at the table.

Of course, there are people and businesses on the opposite end of this scale who are winning at social data analysis.  There are integrated business units and a knowledge of where the value of social data comes from. But again, there are not a lot of unbiased platforms to share this knowledge.


What’s the Solution?

For me, an open forum that is tool agnosticism is the solution. A forum which focuses on education, development and community – and works for the good of the industry.  A place where people in the industry can talk about successes, failures and other key issues at length – not just a hub for the latest buzzwords and tech.

This is why I created The Social Intelligence Lab.  

The SI Lab is a content site and membership community for people who analyse social data — created by practitioners for practitioners.  We’re working to get social intelligence recognised as a discipline with all the professional benefits that come with it…

Across the forum we cover topics such as best practice, industry benchmarking, accredited education, training, networking, how tos, buying guidelines, industry standard guidelines and ethical codes, and events.

And you’re already here! Welcome.

Along with a new business partner, Lawrence Ampofo, I decided to make good on the learning and development and networking.  We decided to bring the industry together physically with a special social data event, Social Intelligence World.  


Social Intelligence World

The inaugural Social Intelligence World runs on the 30th of November in London.  It’s a full day of social data analysis and social insights.  

We’re discussing the challenges of social data from getting buy in, to developing social intelligence teams; from disinformation in social data, to bots, data driven content, visual analysis, alternative data sources, how social intelligence enables better business decisions, and communicating insights across the organisation.

If you’ve been looking to go deeper into the topics that matter most to you then this is the event for you.  

We’ve lovingly created an agenda that hits on today’s big issues.  

We’ve also created lightening sessions where three speakers will talk about the same subject for 10 minutes and then participate in a 10 minute Q&A.  If, like me, you have a short attention span, you’re going to love this format.

So many viewpoints from different business units, companies, and approaches.  We know that every person will come away with a new tool kit to action when they get back to the office.  

I do hope you can join us.


Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Jillian Ney
Jillian Ney
I'm the founder of The Social Intelligence Lab. I champion the growth of the social intelligence industry by helping the professionals and businesses working in it to access best practice, accredited training and peer networking. After working in the industry for 12 years I believe social intelligence should become a recognised discipline - and, I'm working towards making that a reality. More content by

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