Martech Challenges

Ever wanted to see an official social listening tool head to head? Yeah. Us too.  Lucky for us the good folks down at SaaS Advisor have created Martech Challenges.


What is Martech Challenges?

Put simply. A challenge to compare the best marketing technology software and services based on “real life briefs and competition conditions”.

Lucky for us the first edition is for Social Listening Technologies.

The challenge aims to provide more clarity on the capability of each listening tool, and also deliver necessary information in order for the user to make an informed decision when choosing a platform.

Due to the changes in the social intelligence landscape, careful consideration has been given to the different perspectives, positioning and histories of the technologies involved.  For example, listening pure player, social media marketing and management suite, traditional monitoring companies etc.

The team at Martech Challenges have worked hard to make sure that all various crucial criteria have been taken into consideration.

The Social Intelligence Lab is an official partner of Martech Challenges. I hope you’re as excited as we are to see the results!

Find out more about Martech Challenges.

Why is Martech Challenges Needed?

Martech Challenges founder Jonahtan Charbit, tell us that the challenge is needed due to the mass changes in the social intelligence landscape and the need for consumer transparency.

Some key players in the social media industry were either involved in merger and acquisition activities (ie Brandwatch & crimson, Linkfluence &, Ipsos and Synthesio, Meltwater and Sysomos, Cision & Falcon Social) or were acquired (Talkwalker, Mention).

In addition to internal changes, there were also major changes initiated by data providers (shutdown of the Instagram API, and major changes in Twitter T&C’s) or legislators (RGPD).

Before long, it became nearly impossible to keep up with the landscape evolution (especially added up with all other Martech activities).

After conducting a thorough investigation and holding numerous discussions within the social media community with brands, agencies, data providers, software editors, and VCs – we decided to use our position as a trusted third party to organise this contest.

Who’s Involved?

Current social listening technology providers signed-up to Martech Challenges are:

  •     – Brandwatch
  •     – Talkwalker
  •     – Linkfluence
  •     – Bloom
  •     – Digimind
  •     – YouScan
  •     – Netbase

Martech Challenges also have a very experienced jury of social intelligence professionals from The Metrics Factory, Opinion Way, Renault Group, Digital Insighters, June Marketing, Coca-Cola, Guerlain and L’Oréal.

  • We’re very excited to see the challenge progress. Stay tuned to The Social Intelligence Lab for more updates.


Find out more about Martech Challenges.

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