Social Intelligence Stories That Caught Our Attention: Volume Seventeen

Here are the social intelligence stories that caught our attention across the web the week of the 26th of August. 

This week, differences in online and offline behaviour, a lack of Facebook data, regional exercise trends, the courts block a ‘clear history’ update, making data relevant, an ethical oath for mathematicians, airline profits, and a fashion cover story for data analysts!


Study reveals huge difference between online and real-life conversations

First up this week, data and analytics firm Engagement Labs has released a new report that reveals the surprising degree to which online and offline conversations operate independently from each other; in fact, there is virtually no correlation between online and offline sentiment!

Read more of this story from PR Newswire here.


Tweets highlight how different regions like to exercise

In this story from Futurity, a study of social media data has revealed much exercise different populations are getting. 

Read the story here.


Social Media and Democracy Grants programme threatened with closure over Facebook data access

SSRC President Alondra Nelson has asked Facebook to provide the data it originally agreed to supply to participants on the Social Media and Democracy Research Grants program – a collaboration with a diverse group of eight philanthropic organizations, Social Science One and the social media giant – by the end of September or the program will be officially wound down.

Read the story here.


Court Blocks Facebook’s Roll Out of Clear History

A judge has ordered Facebook to put the planned rollout on hold for now for fear that it may result in the loss of evidence in a criminal case.

Read more here.


Three ways to help people understand what your data means

In this great blog piece for Harvard Business Review, Nancy Duarte offers data analysts three ways to make your data insights more relatable to decision-makers insider your organisation.

Read more here.


The need for a Hippocratic Oath

Hannah Fry, an associate professor in the mathematics of cities at University College London, is interviewed by The Guardian in this article and calls for scientists and mathematicians to create an ethical code to help guide their actions.

Read the full story here.


Twitter complaints give business analysts an edge

In this story from the Sydney Morning Herald, researchers from the Australian National University have found that Twitter, and the negative or positive posts of consumers, increases the forecast accuracy for airline company profits.

Read more here.


Data analyst cover stars

And finally, congratulations to New York based predictive analytics company Cherry Pick, which specialises in guiding the development of beauty products through the use of AI and social intelligence, and, this week made its way onto the cover of WWD


That’s all for this week. Keep reading The Social Intelligence Lab for all the latest news and views from the social data analysis community.

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