Social Intelligence Stories that Caught Our Attention: Volume Thirty-Three

This week, articles are still awash with 2020 predictions, to save you from reading yet another future outlook article, here’s a few of the other things we’ve been reading this week.

Deloitte Talks Data Ethics

The social intelligence industry is still in need of a universal set of data ethics, we all know they are much needed (this is something we’re looking to tackle later this year, stay tuned for updates). In the meantime, here is what Deloitte has to say about data ethics in general.

Read the full article here

Debate: Social Intelligence Should be Adopted by All Insights Departments

We’re starting a debate on the future of social intelligence in consumer insights, our first debate explores ‘Social media intelligence should be a research method adopted by all insights functions, discuss…’, have your say now.

New Academic Paper: Big Data Analytics: Challenges and Applications for Text, Audio, and Social Media Data

New peer-reviewed research coming from the International Journal of Soft Computing, Artificial Intelligence, and Applications (IJSCAI). 

All types of machine automated systems are generating large amounts of data in different forms like statistical, text, audio, video, sensor, and bio-metric data that emerges the term Big Data. In this paper, we are discussing issues, challenges, and application of these types of Big Data with the consideration of big data dimensions. Here we are discussing social media data analytics, content-based analytics, text data analytics, audio, and video data analytics their issues and expected application areas. It will motivate researchers to address these issues of storage, management, and retrieval of data known as Big Data. As well as the usages of Big Data analytics in India is also highlighted.

Read the full research paper here

Viewpoint: The Reuse of Social Data Without Consent

Many of you might have missed this tweet from a #LAC2020 – what’s your thoughts on this viewpoint? 


An Effective Way to Identify Online Trolling

Researchers at California Institute of Technology believe that they have demonstrated that machine-learning algorithms can monitor online social media conversations as they evolve, which could one day lead to an effective and automated way to spot online trolling.

Read the full article here

Viewpoint: The Problems with Social-Political Polling

We thought this Twitter exchange was interesting. A new report published by The Social Media Insights Lab at The University of South Carolina published research exploring the online conversations regarding democratic candidates. This was then interpreted and published by a reporter as highlighting the social frontrunner, suggesting his a contender to win. However, the significance of this finding was then questioned by another Twitter user.

This is a good example of not letting the data be interpreted out of context, and the problems with laypeople interpreting insights from social data. 

Father Says Social Media Firms Should be Forced to Hand Over Data

The father of a girl who took her own life has blamed social media for helping to kill his daughter – as he backed a report calling for companies to share data and pay towards research into the technology’s potential harms.

Read the full article here

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Jillian Ney
Jillian Ney
Dr Jillian is the founder of The Social Intelligence Lab. She has worked in the social intelligence industry for over a decade as researcher, consultant, spokesperson and author. She's on a mission to bring the industry together and give social intelligence the place it deserves as a recognised and supported discipline. Ask her about digital behavioural science, purchasing decisions and why Scotland is the best place on earth. More content by

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