Social Intelligence Stories that Caught Our Attention: Volume Twenty-Five

In this week’s social intelligence stories that caught our attention we have, Facebook and the political ads controversy, Tump and the growing media trends for support, a new Social Media Lab, Engagement Labs and ListenFirst growth, the shrinking power of social media influencers, CARMA Asia’s new prominent CEO list, and the US bill to move data between social networks.


Facebook Continues to Get into Trouble Over Lies in Political Ads

Facebook’s controversial decision to allow ‘deceptive, false or misleading content’ in political ads is being challenged in the UK.

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I’m also sure you’ve seen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez questioning Mark Zuckerberg on when Facebook will fact check in political advertising.


Trump’s 2016 Advantages Persists to Grow

In this analysis round-up, Axios highlight that the same media trends that led to President Trump’s unexpected victory in 2016 are growing even stronger leading up to 2020. This includes analysis around Democrats not making a digital comeback, media companies have become even more polarising, more partisan outlets are launching to take advantage of the climate, state-backed misinformation campaigns are rampant, and Facebook is the hotbed for political outrage.

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Social Media Lab Provides Space for Interdisciplinary Research

After a year in development, there’s a new Social Media Research and Analytics Lab at Central Michigan University’s College of the Arts and Media. The lab will provide a collaborative research space where faculty members and students can study emerging social media trends and gauge public opinion.  The lab also offer access to Crimson Hexagon.

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Engagement Labs Inc. Continues to Grow

Engagement Lab Inc. announced that they have successfully engaged one of the largest and top providers of insurance in America. The new contract is the Company’s first with an insurance provider and they will provide insights using their TotalSocial® produce which combines online and offline conversation about the Client’s brand and key competitors, and measurement and impact of campaigns and sponsorships.

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The Power of Social Media Influencers is Shrinking

The Wall Street Journal reports that online social media influencers, who are seen as valuable assets to digital marketers, are seeing their power wane. While the questions about declining influence are not going away, the money paid to influencers keeps climbing. The obscurity around measurement and authenticity in the influencer space is leading to a decline in trust (but the money keeps on climbing??!).

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NBCUniversal and ListenFirst Announce New Partnership

NBCUniversal and ListenFirst have announced a new partnership that will have ListenFirst handle social analytics for NBCU’s global brand portfolio, including its TV networks, TV stations, TV operations, films and theme parks. That’s a lot of social handles at 1,500 and a fan footprint of more than 270 million people and nearly a billion social engagements in 2018.

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CARMA Asia Announces Most Prominent CEOs in Singapore

The media evaluation company CARMA Asia has ranked the most prominent CEO in the eyes of the media. The criteria of the candidates were to ascertain the most prominent chief executive based on the volume f coverage, and how prominent they appeared within the media. The tonality was measured based on the quality of the spokesperson, and issues surround the brand and positioning statements communicated.

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US Senators Introduce Bill to Help Users Move Data Across Social Media Sites

Three US senators introduce new legislation in Congress called Augmented Compatibility and Competition by Enabling service Switching (ACCESS) Act, which will require large social networks to allow users to migrate their data to competing sites.

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