Social Intelligence Stories that Caught Our Attention: Volume Twenty-One

In this week’s roundup we have, AIs impressions of you, Synthesios latest product update, getting your emotional state from work emails, the risks you run by listening in focus groups, America Likes run by Ukrainians, new data analytics for the music industry, and Avon’s use of social listening in innovation.

What Does AI Think of You?

It’s likely that you’ll have seen the online conversations about ImageNet Roulette. This is an online tool that gives people who upload a picture of them the opportunity to learn just exactly how artificial intelligence sees them. This is an experiment to show how humans are classified by artificial intelligence.

More on the story at Mashable and Vice.


Your Work Emails Contain Subtle Clues About Your Emotional State

This is probably no surprise to those of us who analyse social data, but there’s hidden insights into our emotional states from the messages we send at work. Quartz at Work report that a Toronto-based company called Receptiviti is analysing employee voice (from emails, slack and voice) to determine how happy people are at work.  The company uses linguistic research that explores passive parts of speech, the bits we use without thinking, like pronouns to determine how happy people are.  Rather than looking at what people are saying, they analyse how they’re saying it.

Read the full article here.


Synthesio Brings BI-Style Reporting to Social and Consumer Intelligence

Congratulations to Synthesio on the recent product update to bring Business Intelligence ((BI) technology into the platform.  This new Synthesio experience changes the way data is analysed, and makes everyone feel like an expert user without the complexity.

Read the full press release here.


The Reasons Focus Groups are a Risky Way to Listen

Alistair Herbert shares why focus groups are a risky way to listen and generate insights.


Patriotic Facebook Page Reaching Millions of Americans is run by Ukrainians

The “I Love America” Facebook page has more than 1 million followers, publishes hyper-patriotic content, conspiracy theories, and supports Donald Trump. It turns out the page isn’t run by Americans but Ukrainians. Have you ever thought about who actually runs the pages and groups that we follow? Covert manipulation.

Read the full article here.


This New Approach to Music Data Analytics Goes Beyond Charts

Entertainment Intelligence (Ei) have established a new approach to help artists and labels see where they stand with fans. Their new approach uses listener-lever data direct from DSPs like Apple and Spotify, then applies machine learning to uncover relevant audience patterns and peer artists. The tools is said to answer questions like how many engaged fans does an artist need to meet a release goal and how is marketing spend actually impacting listening and engagement.

Read the full article here.


Avon, Gen Z and Social Listening

In a brand shake-up, Avon have been ripping up their marketing rule book to attract Gen Z.  This change includes streamlining product innovation by incorporating social listening.

Read the full article here.

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