Webinar: The rough guide to DIY social insight

Join The Social Intelligence Lab as we host the social insights agency, Listen+Learn Research where they will take you through a journey into the rough guide to DIY social insight.

Lots of learnings and practical tips from their decade analysing social data – this is a webinar not to be missed.

Date: 27th February 2020
Time: 1600 gmt / 1100 est

From Listen+Learn Research

We know the platforms aren’t enough on their own. We need people to interpret the results.

So, where do you start?

You can fire up the dashboard and just wade in.

We think it’s better if you have a plan.

In this session we’re going to share our roadmap for discovering insight, a few tips we’ve picked up over the last decade.

We’ll help you prepare, know what to do and what to avoid. We’ll share our approach to:

  • Starting out: knowing what to take on, what’s possible and what’s going to have a real impact.
    The roadmap to insight: guidance for each step of the journey from finding the data through to making sense of it.
    Preparing to land: how to preach to the not-yet converted. Dealing with tricky questions and some tips on gaining stakeholder buy-in.

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  • Jeremy Hollow

    Founder Listen+Learn Research
  • Charles Philips

    Research Manager Listen+Learn Research
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