The Social Intelligence Career and Salary Survey 2019 is now open

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The Social Intelligence Lab needs your help to create the social intelligence industry’s most in-depth census of careers and salaries.

Our first annual Career and Salary survey is now open and we would love you to take part to help us deliver the most robust look at the industry’s careers, salaries and workplace trends.

Why are we conducting this survey?

Social intelligence is a new and growing discipline but there is little known about the types of roles available or what a fair salary and benefits package looks like. Or even what route people take to become a social intelligence professional.

Our community asked us to help benchmark the industry and offer people working in the industry some much needed guidance on what a fair renumeration package looks like.

Why is this important to the industry/profession/sector?

We want to understand the type of roles, where social intelligence cuts across the organisation, the salary benchmarks, the route people take to become a social intelligence professional, the training and accreditation on offer, salary and benefits packages and the workplace trends for the next twelve months.

It is important as this information is not currently available.  As The Social Intelligence Lab is the professional membership organisation for the people and businesses who analyse social data, we are committed to understanding, defining and growing the social intelligence industry.  Our career and salary survey is a first step to understanding more about the people and roles driving the industry forward.

Who should take part?

Any professional who analyses social data as part of their job, works for a company who develops social intelligence solutions, or manages a team who is responsible for social data analysis.

This is the first industry-wide census, so any professional from any industry, in any department that uses social data should take the survey. All responses are anonymous.  We’ve timed it and the survey takes around 12 minutes to complete.

What is the closing date for responses and will the results to be available?

The survey closes on the 17th of October and the results will be available in November.

As a thank you for your involvement, participants in the survey will be entered into a prize draw for £50 Amazon voucher and receive a copy of the key results in advance of their wider publication.

You can take the Social Intelligence Career and Salary Survey 2019 here.

Take the Career and Salary Survey today.

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Michael Feeley
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