Meet Audiense

The audience intelligence platform Audiense combines rich social data sources with machine learning and the leading cognitive computing technology.

Based on more than 800 million unique individual profiles, Audiense transforms social data into actionable audience intelligence that enables brands and agencies to obtain value from the insights from different channels, on demand and at scale.

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Social Advertising

Audiense Connect allows you to create the highest performing tailored audiences in the market, no matter how niche or broad is your target audience. Always-on synchronisation with your Twitter Ads account. Quickly and effortlessly combine filter options of user profiles, social relationships and user activities to create highly personalised audiences which improve the relevancy and performance of your Twitter Ads and organic campaigns.

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Social Analytics

Complement the free Analytics that Twitter provides with a total understanding of who is engaging with your content and revealing what is performing best. Compare to other accounts or competitors so that you can benchmark your social activities. Audiense enables brands to understand their audiences’ interests and, therefore, make more informed decisions about future content which will resonate with and engage this audience. It also allows you to find meaningful intersections and understand the relationships between audiences to gain the intelligence you need to focus on specific target audiences.

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Social Audience Intelligence

Utilise social data to understand the audiences that matter most. Audiense empowers organisations to intelligently engage individuals at an unprecedented scale, identifying any audience or segment, understanding who makes up any target audience and integrating these findings with their own data. Audiense Insights applies machine learning to instantly understand who makes up any target audience, by analyzing connections between the people that shape it. Go beyond traditional segmentation based on age, gender and location, discover new segments based on people’s interests and understand your current target market on a deeper level.

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Social Listening

Audiense provides conversation analysis and one-click campaign targeting. The platform identifies groups of people within a broader audience who are interconnected and once audiences are segmented, our insights data tells us what they care about and what trends hold them together. Audiense enables you to strategically action your findings whether it be optimizing content type/reach, increasing campaign ROIs, increasing lead generation or uncovering new market opportunities.

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Social Influencer

One of the biggest challenges for marketers is to find and engage with the right influencers for the right audience. Audiense analyses trends within the target audience to understand which individuals influence them directly and indirectly. We base this on a range of metrics that go well beyond specifics like gender and followers, unlike our competitors. The platform also allows you to filter by location, biography, brand/person, category or type of influencer (macro/micro) whilst ordering your results by uniqueness and affinity. This method enables accuracy and efficiency.

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