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Listen & Learn Research

The Social Insight Agency

Meet Listen & Learn Research

We are the Social Insights agency.

We make understanding social data simple. Simple for you to know what matters, to find new insights, to see opportunities and to spark inspiration.

We go beyond social listening and data reporting. We turn data into insights, creating a powerful tool for your business.

We’ll help you use social to find and understand the people that matter to you. So you can create the right experiences, engage new audiences and appeal to people in the best way.

People are busy, we’ll help you become something they want to be part of.

What do we do? 

We blend creative and strategic thinking with robust analysis to help clients cut through the noise in social media

We develop unique audience insights by analysing a wide range of social data.

We interpret what people really think and feel through the comments they make, the stories they tell, the language they use, and images they share.

We’ll keep it simple. Help you see what this means for you, show what the opportunities are and what you could do next. It’s Social, insight.

Why are we different? 

Social listening is important, but it’s never the end goal. Social data gathered from listening is mostly useless – unless you can learn from the data and draw insights from it. Because it’s insights that give you a strategic edge and will have a big impact on your business.

That’s why we go beyond listening to give you the insights you need to leverage all the opportunities that social media offers.

How are we different? 

Well, we know the limits of automated algorithms, so we use people to understand people.

We read everything. We think about it, understand it and make sense of it. We take time to understand the full meaning behind each post, because that’s where the real value lies. We go between the lines, spot patterns and have the human sensitivity to appreciate nuance, ambiguity, sarcasm, cultural influences and to tease out what’s really important – and to know what this all means for you.

We can give you rich insights about your audience and market that you can’t find anywhere else.

What do we do? 

We use Social Insight to answer three big questions:

1. How can you get the right insight to develop a winning strategy?
2. How can you deliver the best possible customer experience?
3. How can you tell your story in the most compelling way?

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