Webinar: How Can Digital Consumer Intelligence Accelerate Your Business?

What is Digital Consumer Intelligence (DCI) and how can it help brands gain a competitive advantage?

If you’re keen to learn more about how you can digital consumer intelligence can fit into your insights approach or how you can bring digital consumer intelligence to life in your organization, then this webinar from Brandwatch is what you’ve been looking for.

Join Brandwatch Content Manager, Gemma Joyce, and Senior Product Manager, Emelie Swerre, as they illustrate unique examples of digital consumer intelligence. During the webinar you’ll learn:

● What Digital Consumer Intelligence (DCI) is and why it’s important.
● Where DCI highlighted unique insights on consumers perceptions of plastic waste.
● How DCI can help brands gain a competitive advantage.

  • Gemma Joyce,

    Content Manager Brandwatch
  • Emelie Swerre

    Senior Product Manager Brandwatch
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