Pulsar and Sermo partner to plug the gap in healthcare insight

Leading healthcare insight and social listening solution Pulsar is enhancing its TRAC social listening tool with an additional data stream powered by Sermo’s 5.5M global medical conversations from their secure, anonymous physicians-only social platform. This exclusive partnership provides a comprehensive and actionable view of medical conversations occurring online.

Pulsar’s solution boasts healthcare-specific AI modules and analytics frameworks, and the company’s new partnership with Sermo extends Pulsar’s solution set into medical data sources. By integrating Sermo’s primary data straight into Pulsar’s flagship insights and social listening tool TRAC, marketers and researchers now have never-before-seen access to doctors’ online conversations for better marketing and insight generation.

Francesco D’Orazio, CEO of Pulsar, said: “From our extensive experience working with healthcare clients spanning medical marketing agencies to pharmaceutical companies and hospitals, there was a clear gap in insights. Our partnership with Sermo fills this gap, and we feel that the possibilities for the insights we can now provide are endless – from assisting in planning and pitching of new business, to providing direction to the financial/investor community.”

Addressing the movement towards in industry-specific social intelligence solutions, Pulsar’s VP of Customer Success, Marcus Pemberton, added: “We have always proposed different methodologies for different clients and use cases, and often different networks are more appropriate. Adding healthcare modules and Sermo data adds another useful dataset and methodology to our toolkit.

Sermo, founded by physicians, for physicians, is a social platform that facilitates medical collaboration and crowdsourcing. From sharing challenging patient cases to asking tough questions, physicians come to Sermo to get the answers and support they need in real-time. Today, the platform has over 800,000 verified doctors spanning 150+ countries. The Sermo community allows for unique cross-border collaboration that’s resulted in over 5.5M comments. Physicians on Sermo have the ability to be anonymous, creating a safe and open environment for sharing, discussing and learning. Members also have access to Drug Ratings, the only peer-to-peer drug review database with over 830,000 ratings. 75% of Sermo physicians have changed their perception of a drug after reading Sermo peer ratings.

“Sermo was designed to let physicians safely and anonymously engage with each other. As a result, we’ve been very successful in democratizing medical knowledge among our physician members,” said Peter Kirk, CEO of Sermo. “Now with the Pulsar partnership, we can provide a holistic view of the medical conversations occurring in public and closed forums which will have tremendous value across the healthcare ecosystem to improve treatment decisions and ultimately, patient outcomes.”

Pulsar operates within the Cello Health PLC, a global healthcare advisory group, comprising a set of leading clinical, commercial and digital delivery capabilities.

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