Social Intelligence Stories That Caught Our Attention: Volume Eleven

Here’s the stories that caught our attention across the web in the week of 24th June. This week we have a new social media bill, online identity protection, Facebook’s oversight board, Digital Trends 2019, why social listening in marketing matters, and Pernod Ricard on technology and market research. 


Social Media Bill and Data

Across in the US, there are discussions around a new bill that would force tech companies to disclose the type of information they collect on users.

Watch the story at CNBC here.


Your Digital Identity has Three Layers, and You Can Only Protect One of Them

Across at Quartz, Katarzyna Szymielewicz explores our digital identities and that many of the decision that affects your life is now dictated by the interpretation of your data profile rather than personal interactions.  She discusses the three layers of our online profiles and why we can only protect one layer.

Read the full article here.


Facebooks Planned Oversight Board

Reuters reports on Facebook’s outlines for a new oversight board.  Facebook released findings from its consultations with outside experts into its content review process, providing a glimpse into how is planned for a proposed “external oversight board” might take shape.

Read the full article here.


Adobe Digital Trends 2019

The latest Adobe Digital Trends report features a lot about data. The importance of customer data and the greater levels of urgency that is apparent when it comes to harnessing data for commercial gain.  That companies are looking for greater control and ownership of their data.

Read the full report here.


Why Social Listening Matters to Your Marketing

Daniel Swepson at Woven is across at The Drum talking about why social listening matters to your marketing.

Read the full article here.


Pernod Ricard Lifts Lid on the use of Digital in Market Research

Nice article covering how Pernod is using the latest technology to monitor the ways consumers talk about and interact with its brands. It all leads to “sharper consumer insights”.

Read the full article here.

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