[Free Download] Analyzing Social Data to Create Buyer Personas for Global Beer Brands

It’s often been stated that a well-crafted buyer persona can help you personalize your marketing on a large scale through the humanization of a core target group of your customer base.

Essentially, buyer personas help you get closer to your customers and into their minds to help you walk in their shoes. The trouble is that many buyer personas are “fictional characters” created from a number of assumptions, and dare we say it, stereotypes.

Putting the “human” back into buyer personas is where social data can play an important role. Want to know how?

The research team at YouScan, ran a study to illustrate the buyer personas for global beer brands, and they are giving this away for free. They studied both text and visual public social media posts to create eight personas. Inside their free report, you will find:

● A breakdown of each buyer persona.
● Opinions about the taste of beer.
● Opinions about the pricing of beer.
● Insights into food pairings with beer.
● The occasions different personas drink beer.
● The associations the personas have with specific beer brands.

You can download the full report, for free, by clicking this link.

Learn more about YouScan and find case studies of their work on our Social Intelligence Matchmaking Network.

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