[Podcasts] Three Social Intelligence Podcasts to Listen to Now

If you’re looking for some inspiration or wanting to see where the social intelligence industry is about and is headed in the future, we’ve got three outstanding podcast interviews for you.


Let’s Talk Marketing: Giles Palmer talks social intelligence and the voice of the customer

In this podcast, Adam Fraser sits down with Giles Palmer, founder of Brandwatch and discusses social media monitoring, customer data platforms and he gives some great insights on listening and responding to customer online conversations.

Listen to the Giles Palmer interview here.


Join the Dots InSites Consulting: The Social Podcast

A full podcast dedicated to all things social intelligence with the team at Join the Dots InSites Consulting. In this episode learn how to make sense of social data, the importance of having clear objectives, and learn where they’ve made use of in.


Let’s Talk Marketing: Jillian Ney social intelligence pioneer and founder of the Social Intelligence Lab talk social analytics and behavioural insights

In this podcast, Adam Fraser sits down with me! The “UK’s first Dr of social media” where we talk about the evolution of social intelligence and digital behavioural science. I share some fascinating insights on my work in building behavioural models to understand how people think.

Listen to the Jillian Ney interview here.


Got any more podcast we should be listening to? Send us your recommendations here.

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Jillian Ney
Jillian Ney
I'm the founder of The Social Intelligence Lab. I champion the growth of the social intelligence industry by helping the professionals and businesses working in it to access best practice, accredited training and peer networking. After working in the industry for 12 years I believe social intelligence should become a recognised discipline - and, I'm working towards making that a reality. More content by

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