Social Intelligence Stories that Caught Our Attention: Volume Five

Here’s the stories that caught our attention across the web the week of 13th May.  This week we have tea accounts, Twitter rants and race, why impressions suck in social media measurement and the city sentiment index report.


A Call to Solve Social Media Terrorism

The Boston Globe reports on Social Media Terrorism.  FBI research suggests that social media attention is becoming an increasingly common signature of today’s school and workplace shooters.  Around 30% of active shooters construct a “legacy token” in the form of manifestos, videos, or social media posting for delivery to or discovery by others, either at the time of shooting or shortly after. Where can social intelligence help with threat identification?


Why Impressions Suck

If social media measurement is your thing then it’s likely you’re having conversations about outdated metrics.  With the AMEC summit looming next week, Hotwire discusses why impressions suck. Quoting Seth Godin “that it makes sense to pay extra to reach precisely the right people. It never makes sense to pay extra to reach more people”.  So, what are the right metrics?


Pride, Love and Twitter Rants

New academic research has combined machine learning with qualitative techniques to understand what Tweets reveal about race in the USA.  This research will be of interest to those of us who approach qualitative techniques on social data – does the article have a way forward to increase the speed with machine learning?


City Sentiment Index Report

This is an interesting study that uses social data to understand cultural e-reputation for tourist cities across Europe.  Consolidating reputation insights, converting over one million pieces of content crunched from different social media platform into actionable insights and KPIs and inspiring insights for cities.  This new data will enable destinations across Europe to monitor the reputation pulse of cities and understand what drives their reputation.  An interesting look at how to create new metrics from social data.


How Tea Accounts Are Fuelling Influencer Feuds

Heard of tea accounts before? These accounts are like online gossip magazine on steroids.  They are a network of Instagram pages, YouTube channels, Twitter handles, and Facebook groups.  They investigate stories and gossip all through the week and give people the ongoing stories and updates that the mainstream press often ignores.  How many tea accounts are fuelling the stories that you are analysing? How are you going to deal with them in the future?


Photo by Marcus Loke on Unsplash

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