Social Intelligence Stories that Caught Our Attention: Volume Nineteen


In this week’s round-up we have, ESOMAR Congress and the tipping point for social intelligence, period tracking apps sharing our data, how misinformation spreads and why we trust it, the value and lack of antitrust of data, Pulsar making moves in healthcare, and Target’s use of social data for differentiation.


ESOMAR Congress 2019 in Edinburgh

Were you at ESOMAR congress this week? It was great to see our partners Converseon, Listen and Learn Research, and Audiense at the event. From our wider community, Jon Beaumont, Business Development Director, at Join the Dots I InSites Consulting shares his thoughts on the key take-aways from the ESOMAR event. Nice to see the tipping point for social intelligence up there.

Period Tracking Apps Found to Be Sharing Data with Facebook

Where does the boundaries of ‘social intelligence’ stop? Are we just working with data produced on social media and online channels or are alternative data sources the purview of the social intelligence industry too?  This debate came back into discussions this week with period tracking apps sharing data with Facebook.

Read the full article here.


How Misinformation Spreads – and Why We Trust It

This is a great article written by Cailin O’Connor and James Owen Weatherall about the spread of misinformation and why we trust it.  While the main reason why misinformation is believed isn’t ground-breaking – it’s because it starts with a seed of truth – it really is a fascinating read.

Read the full article here. (gated content)

There’s also another great piece on why we believe fake news over on the BBC, here.


The World’s Most Valuable Resource is No Longer Oil, But Data

Across at The Economist, there is an interesting piece about data being the most valuable resource in the world, and the lack of antitrust rising up around them. There’s a lot of debate on the data that we create as active consumers of digital products. One of the areas we have been looking at The Social Intelligence Lab, “is it your data or is it observational data about you?”.  The T&Cs of site would suggest that it is observational data about you… Lot’s more to discuss on this topic.

Read the full article here. (gated content)


Pulsar and Sermo Partner to Create Healthcare’s First 360 Degree View of Online Medical Conversations

Great news for Pulsar on their new partnership with Sermo. We suspect that we will begin to hear of more niche partnerships and vendors pursuing niche areas of specialism more frequently. Congratulations to Pulsar on getting ahead of this future trend.

Read the full article here.


How Target Uses Media for Differentiation

At The Association of National Advertisers’ (ANA) 2019 Digital and Social Media Conference, Kristi Argyilan, president of Roundel discussed the use of media insight and strategy to create brand differentiation among consumers at Target.  Social listening features heavily in this approach.

Read the full article here.

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