Social Intelligence Stories that Caught Our Attention: Volume Six

Here’s the stories that caught our attention across the web the week of 20th May.  This week Cambridge Analytica is back in the press, social intelligence is covered at Cannes, Bloom & Wild use social data to create a new London tube map, In-Bev chat about their new in-house agency, Snapchat and the selfie, and yet another market valuation report.


I Used to Work for Cambridge Analytica – Believe it or not Data can be Used for Good in Politics

This article from The Independent looks again at Cambridge Analytica and their reported approach to political campaigning.

“it may sound terrifying but data is the best way to identify that which unites us, create stories that bring that thread of commonality to life, and embrace digital technology to share that information”.

It won’t be a surprise to you but there is a nice case in there for not just listening but integrating behavioural science to identify the ‘why’ and interpret the ‘what to do’.


Cannes Contender and Social Intelligence

Across at Campaign, Leo Burnett shares entries from Indian/South Asian agencies that their creators believe will be in contention for Lions at the 2019 International Festival of Creativity.

Spotify Outdoor Data used geo-targeted social listening to keep an eye on trending topics of potential subscribers had spoken about in the past year in co-relation to the spots.  They used sentiment analysis to categorise a mood and then created a playlist for the particular spot and the mood of those frequenting there.


In-Bev Talks About the Evolutions of Its In-House Agency

Across at Adweek, In-Bev SVP Joao Chueiri discusses their new draftLine in-house agency.  Chueiri who is vice president of consumer connections talks a lot about data and insights to help take them to the next level.

An interesting read!


Bloom & Wild Social Listening Data Tube Map

Using social data Bloom & Wild have created the shades of London tube map that plots the most colourful and interesting things you’ll find on the streets of London.

Snapchat’s Sociologist Defends the Selfie – But it’s not for the Reasons You’d Think

An interesting read about Nathan Jurgenson and his feelings about digital dualism – the natural evolution of the merging of digital and material worlds.  A good story about how social media and technology shape a different way on thinking.  Has your experience of social media changed how you view the physical world?  This might be a subconscious change that you’ve never noticed.


NUVI acquires Banyan

The M&A activity in social intelligence continues.  The social listening tool has acquired Banyan, a social software company that helps to improve the patient customer experience.

Banyan provides a platform that grants healthcare providers the ability to connect with their patients through their HIPPS-compliant social media application.  This enhances the patient experience while providing insight into customer satisfaction and improved online reputation.   It’s interesting to see the start of the move into industry specialism instead of being a catch-all provider – will it continue?


Social Media Intelligence Platform Market 20206

There’s another industry market valuation report published.  This time, the report focuses on the ’social intelligence platform market’:

  •     – Global social media intelligence platform market overview
  •     – Economic impact on market
  •     – Market competition
  •     – Global social media intelligence platform market analysis by application
  •     – Industrial chain, sourcing strategy and downstream buyers
  •     – Marketing strategy analysis, distribution/traders
  •     – Global social media intelligence platform market effect, factors, analysis
  •     – Global social media intelligence platform market forecast

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