Social Intelligence Stories That Caught Our Attention: Volume Ten

Here’s the stories that caught our attention across the web in the week of 10th June.  This week we have the unintended consequences of technological convenience, influencers who don’t really exist and Facebook!


Technological Convenience and Unintended Consequences

The Washington Post asks, ‘is your pregnancy app sharing your intimate data with your boss?’.  The article explores the apps that expectant mum’s use to track their pregnancy and the insurers and employers who pay for this data.

An unintended consequence of technological convenience if we’ve ever seen one.  Do you think social intelligence experts will be analysing more of this type of data in the future?

Read the full article here.


Influential When The Influencer Doesn’t Exist

David Adams, Associate Director of Global Markets, Digital Products and Services at EY shared an interesting post on LinkedIn about influencers.  A Calvin Klein supermodel Miguela Sosua who is shown to wear luxury clothes, gives interviews and is interested in global movements doesn’t actually exist.

David questions, if the value of someone’s opinion is what makes a social media influencer valuable, but what happens if the person whose opinion is valued does not actually exist.

Facebook, Facebook, Facebook

Another week, another load of Facebook stories.  First of which Libra the Facebook cryptocurrency. What do you think of this latest move by Facebook?  Every third post in our feed last week was about Libra, many of which negative against the planned move, and suggest that Facebook has too much power.

Read the latest Economist article here.

And, more in the data analysis world, Facebook usage is falling after privacy scandals. A new data report highlights that on-site engagement is down nearly 20% although user numbers are still growing.

Read full article here.

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