Social Intelligence Stories that Caught Our Attention: Volume Thirty-Five

This week, the stories that we’ve been reading includes the new algorithm to predict consumer purchases, sage advice on AI-powered text analytics, moneyballing movies, and celeb death search trends. 

A New Algorithm Analyzes Social Media Data to Help Brands Improve Their Marketing

Associate Professor Toshihiko Yamasaki and his team from the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology at the University of Tokyo have created a new algorithm that successfully predicted consumer purchases. The algorithm made use of data from the consumers’ daily activity on social media.  

Read the full article here

Forrester AI Text Analytics Report

A new Forrester report explores AI-powered text analytics. Featured in the report are our partners at Converseon as well as some sage advice analysing text data. Including the need to work with specialist AI-text analytics firms instead of using open source NLP engines, and the need to use domain specific ontologies and models since language differs by industry and vertical. Sage advice!

Read the full report here

Social Analysis Predicted Poor Box Office Performance of The Rhythm Section

It was reported earlier this week that Blake Lively’s latest film, The Rhythm Section was a box office failure. This article has a look at all the positive things about the film, but also the shocking indications that it was not going to do well in cinemas. For us social intelligence enthusiasts, entertainment social analytics corp RelishMix suggested that films marketing campaign prompted a very large negative discussion on social media too.

Using social media data to predict box office hits is not anything new, I remember seeing models for this way back in 2011. Nor is the attempt by Hollywood to ‘moneyball’ movies, but in this instance the data did not seem to be taken notice of.

Read the full article here

Hollywood’s Next Great Studio Head Will Be a Computer

Sticking with moneyballing movies, in this article Felix Simon on Medium looks at why big data will revolutionise movies, and pull Hollywood from ‘gut feeling’ to ‘data driven’ decision-making. Jackie Cuyvers, from Convosphere explains how movie studios are increasingly using their services to improve marketing campaigns.

Read the full article here

Worldwide Comparison of Search Interest Around Famous People and Celebrities’ Deaths From 2004-2020

Rob Sullivan founder at Prometheus Research explored celebrity deaths and Google search trends. Which celeb death was the most searched?

Jillian Ney
Jillian Ney
Dr Jillian is the founder of The Social Intelligence Lab. She has worked in the social intelligence industry for over a decade as researcher, consultant, spokesperson and author. She's on a mission to bring the industry together and give social intelligence the place it deserves as a recognised and supported discipline. Ask her about digital behavioural science, purchasing decisions and why Scotland is the best place on earth. More content by

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