Social Intelligence Stories That Caught Our Attention: Volume Twelve

Here’s the stories that caught our attention across the web in the week of 1st July.  This week we have emoji’s, dark social, buying behaviour and influencers.


How Should We Analyse Emoji’s?

Across at Quartz, Lauren Gwane asks if an emoji is a word or a gesture? Or if they are both. Drawing on research from a paper she co-authored, Gwane argues that the way we use emoji’s in our digital messages is similar to the way we use gestures when we talk.

This research is based on past research from psychologists, linguists, and anthropologists to understand how people gesture, and the relationship between gesture and speech.

Read the full article here.


Dark Social and Consumer Attitudes

Dr Chris Arnold from Creative Orchestra, discusses dark social and what it is telling us about consumer attitudes towards social media marketing.  He argues that:

“the biggest challenges facing social media team isn’t just dark social but crossing the chasm between social media and private platforms”

Got us thinking about the content and messages that we are missing from social listening.

Read the full article here.


Consumer Buying Behaviour Data Reveal Impact of Social

We liked the insights from this article at Search Marketing Daily:

“eCommerce [sites] focus on people who know what they’re looking for rather than those looking for inspiration”

Read the full article here.


How Many Followers Do You Need to Be Considered An Influencer?

Turns out 30,000 followers mean that you are a celebrity as stated by the UK’s Advertising Standards Agency.

Read the full article here.

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