Converseon webinar promises a taste of how Social Data is transforming trend discovery 

Everyone knows that conversations on social media can acts as early indicators of the next Rosé trend or the move to avocado showing up as an ingredient in your hand cream. However, using data in a way that predicts which of these early trends will bloom versus those that will fizzle away, has been elusive.

Now, Converseon and In4mation Insights are joining forces to host a 60-minute webinar (on Wednesday September 25th) focusing on how to apply machine learning language technology to massive, unstructured data sets in order to create predictive models  of what may be the next big ingredient, color, flavor or pack size.

Speakers including Rob Key of Converseon and Mark Garratt and Jeni Chapman of In4mation Insights will share specific case examples of how some of the world’s largest consumer brands are using this technology to understand ingredient trends and deepen category understanding.

Rob Key said: “Valuable signals are hidden deep in massive, messy, noisy, unstructured data sets. To unlock this goldmine of insights for brands, they need to utilize the newest AI technologies, plus advanced analytics, to separate these valuable signals from the noise and peer into the future.

“We are now building models for clients that highlight if an ingredient trend is starting in food or going from personal care to food, as it builds momentum. These and many other key components to predictive ‘trend spotting’ will be shared in this free knowledge sharing session, so don’t miss out.

You can register for the webinar here.

Converseon was also recently named as a finalist in the ‘Global MR Project’ and ‘Best New Product/Service’ categories of the 2019 Quirks Awards. Read the full list of nominees here.

Michael Feeley
Michael Feeley
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