Oliver Wyman Forum debates the future of data at Davos

The Oliver Wyman Forum will today (Wednesday 22nd January, 2020) explore how unrestricted access to data has led to both innovation and risks for individuals at the World Economic Forum Annual Global Meeting in Davos.

The invitation-only panel, titled Data Futures Collide – Enabling Responsible Data-Driven Innovation, will explore questions of data ownership and how regulation can serve the needs of both business and society. The panel will be moderated by Douglas Elliott, a partner at Oliver Wyman, who focuses on the intersection of public policy and finance. Elliott serves as the co-lead of the Oliver Wyman Forum’s Future of Data initiative.

Other panelists include: John Romeo, Managing Partner and Head of the Oliver Wyman Forum, JoAnn Stonier, chief data officer of Mastercard, Alan Trefler, founder and chief executive officer of Pegasystems, and Brad Carr, senior director of digital finance at the Institute of International Finance.

John Romeo said: “Society is moving towards increasing constraints on data and further coordination and thinking is needed on how to unlock the benefits of data in a way that minimizes its risks. We will explore the potential collision of present and future data needs, how to manage data and why the structures, architectures and partnerships we create today will determine future winners and losers.”

The Future of Data is a new initiative for the Oliver Wyman Forum. The Forum also focuses on the impact of AI on cities, the future of mobility, and cyber risk.

Oliver Wyman is a global leader in management consulting. With offices in 50+ cities across nearly 30 countries. The Oliver Wyman Forum is committed to bringing together leaders in business, public policy, social enterprises, and academia to help solve the world’s toughest problems.

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