The State of Social Intelligence Survey

The first annual State of Social Intelligence survey is now live.  If you analyse social data as part of your job, take the survey HERE


Social data analysis is a bit like teenage sex: everyone talks about it, nobody really knows how to do it, everyone thinks everyone else is doing it, so they say they are doing it too…

So, we thought it was about time we found out who is doing what, with who and what the results look like.  If you analyse social data as part of your job role or know someone who does, we’d love to hear from you.



It’s Not All Innuendo It’s Seriously Needed Benchmarking

It’s widely known that comprehensive industry information, support and best practice is not readily available when it comes to social intelligence.  That’s why we’ve created an annual State of Social Intelligence Survey.

Our annual survey collects and disseminates the opinions of social data professionals across the globe in order to understand what, where, how and why social insights are being used, track excellence and improve the value of social data analysis in business and society.



Who Should Take the Survey?

We’re looking for professionals at all levels, in all industries and across the globe to take part in our State of Social Intelligence Survey.  No matter your level of experience, what you’re analysing social data for, your ability to generate usable insights or the tools that you use we want to hear from you.

If you analyse social data as part of your job, please give 20 minutes of your time to share your opinion on what really goes on behind the world of social intelligence.



Giving You A Little Something Back Too

As a thanks for taking part in our survey, we are offering one lucky winner a place on our BLOC programme, a further 10 people with a The SI Lab digital membership and 5 other lucky people the chance to access the session recordings from the inaugural Social Intelligence World with a digital ticket.

BLOC is our transformative development programme for professionals running social listening programmes that provides bespoke support and confidential social intelligence conversations you can’t have anywhere else [worth £10,000].







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Jillian Ney
Jillian Ney
Dr Jillian is the founder of The Social Intelligence Lab. She has worked in the social intelligence industry for over a decade as researcher, consultant, spokesperson and author. She's on a mission to bring the industry together and give social intelligence the place it deserves as a recognised and supported discipline. Ask her about digital behavioural science, purchasing decisions and why Scotland is the best place on earth. More content by

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